Managing Director and CEO of AIS India Glass Ltd Sanjay Labroo visited AIS Community Development Programme area near Roorkee on 28 August 2023 to acquaint himself with the programme’s progress.

The AIS Community Development Programme is a CSR initiative of AIS India Glass Ltd being implemented at field level in Roorkee area by Disha Social Organisation with support from Youthreach, a national level NGO based in New Delhi. Disha is implementing the programme since 2006.

MD Labroo keenly watched the income generation activities taken up by members of self-help groups. He showed considerable interest in products like pickles, jam, jelly, sauces, boutique items and decorative items, and income generation ventures like paper bowl making unit, dairy, grocery and cosmetic shops.

During two hours’ visit, he thoroughly listened to every detail shared by women. He appreciated Disha’s observation for socio-economic empowerment of rural women in Roorkee area.

AIS India Glass Ltd is a leading integrated glass and windows solutions company and a dominant player both in the automotive and the building and construction segments.


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