Meeting on Clean Drinking Water

On September 8, 2016, Disha Social Organisation conducted a meeting on clean drinking water. Seven people actively participated in this meeting. Informing the participants on the subject, Mr K N Tiwar – head of Disha Social Organisation, said that in present and in future there will be a massive need for clean drinking water. If immediate attention was not paid, it would become a cause for numerous life threatening diseases.

Everyone agreed to get rid of this issue and three villages near Sadhauli block namely Fatehullapur (Jatowala), Taharpur and Asgarpur were selected to start the work from. These villages will have more than 1200 units. Water samples will be collected from these villages and will be sent for tests. In future when this programme will start a measly amount of 50 paise per litre will be charged for its management. These units will be established by the help of an American company called Drink Well.

At the end a documentary film was also shown.