Art Competition on Equality of Women and Stopping VAW at YKIC, Kambohmajra

art competition on women equalityOn November 05, 2016, an art competition was organised on the issue of equality of women and stopping violence against women. 30 students of intermediate and high school, 10 social workers and teachers participated in it.

In it various kind of violence and discrimination against women were depicted as drawings on chart papers. Ishu Kamboj of class 11 stood first, Vivek Dhiman of class 9 stood second and Mohit Kumar of class 9 stood third.

On this occasion college Principal Nathiram Kamboj, speaking on the issue said that Disha organisation was doing such programmes from the very beginning so that women could receive opportunities to move ahead in life and that such competitions were very educational for today’s youth. He informed that discrimination against women started from their homes and families. We must give equal education and employment opportunities to both girls and boys.

Senior social worker Janhvi Tiwari informed the participants about the programmes and objectives of Disha Social Organisation and also created awareness on violence and discrimination against women. Programme coordinator P Ram said the objective of the programme was to create awareness amongst the youth on aforementioned issue so that violence against women could be curtailed. The organisation conducts such programmes with different government departments too.

Shamim explaining the role of women in society said that women along with doing household chores also worked outside their homes but our society does not treat them equally. Our society would only move ahead if women were empowered. Shaheen Praveen said in order to end violence against women it was important to empower them through education and employment. She also informed about the domestic violence act enacted by the government which forbid anyone at home from engaging in violence against women.

From the college, Neha, Ritika, Shabiya and Kajal Karnwal expressed their views on the subject. The winners of the competition were awarded with first, second and third prize and all the other participants were given consolation prizes.