Training of ASHAs on Prevention of VAW and Women Equality

A training of ASHAs (accredited social health activists, promoted by National Rural Health Mission) on prevention of violence against women and women equality was held at the Training Centre on November 16, 2016. ASHAs work directly with the community and Disha feels that they can play an important role in preventing violence against women and furthering women equality

The training began with introduction of participants and outlining objectives of the training. An introductory talk about Disha was given to the participants. Quickly, the participants were told about National Rural Health Mission, which aimed at developing a decentralised health system owned by the community. They were reminded of their roles and functions.

After these introductory comments, the discourse moved to the training topic. It was imperative that they developed understanding on gender, for which it was necessary to understand works of women and men. There were many works which only women could do, many men could do and many both of them could do. Yet men treated women as their property and indulged in violence against them. But no more after enactment of Domestic Violence Act 2005.

A participant said female foeticide was a curse on the society. It should be stopped at all levels because its results would be disastrous. Already falling proportion of girls is a cause of worry. Another participant said that the information about domestic violence law was very important. Women can get justice in her home and family. Apart from this understanding on forms of violence against women and gender was also developed.

All the participants coming from the Health Department said that they felt very good by participating in the training. They said that apart from health issues, they developed understanding on other important issues. They said they wanted such programmes were organised on a regular basis so they could work for better life of poor and needy women.

The training ended with thanks from the participants for holding this workshop.