Training on Federation for Self-Help Group Office-bearers

training on federationTwo day training for the office-bearers of self-help groups was held at the Training Centre on January 31 and February 1, 2017. Fifty people participated in the training.

After pleasantries, the training began with the observation that there was a need to remove shortcomings for strengthening group. Information about organising group meeting, attendance in the meeting, correct transaction and correct upkeep of all group related documents was given. Information about role and duties of group office-bearers including president, treasurer and secretary was also imparted.

The participants were told if they formed a federation, they would benefit a lot. Information about the structure of federation was given to the participants. Federation had to be registered with the government department. Federation members saved some money every month.

This was followed by delineation of the works and functions of the federation. A documentary film on federation was shown and discussed. It transpired that there were many benefits of the federation. The participants resolved that they would tell all the members of their SHGs and develop understanding on the formation of the federation.

In the end of the training, group members Sonia, Neelam, Kemta, etc., promised that they would form a federation.