Training of MMELKM Leaders on VAW and Women Equality

training of mmelkm leadersOne day training of Mahila Mazdoor Evam Laghu Kisan Morcha leaders on prevention of violence against women and women equality was organised at the Training Centre on February 28, March 17 and March 18, 2017. There were 72, 42 and 92 participants, respectively.

The training began with the note that the training was important because through this training the participants would learn prevention of violence against women, gender equality and legal provisions related to women. An overview of Disha’s works was presented to the participants.

Morcha leaders were reminded that the morcha was formed in 1989 and since then it was making all out efforts for the rights of the poor, exploited, dalits, minorities, agricultural labourers, artisans and women. Issues in the villages are discussed through the morcha committees and problems resolved. If the problems cannot be resolved a discussion is held during the morcha meeting held on 24th of the month.

It was impressed upon the morcha leaders that apart from food, clothing, housing, education, health, electricity and water, morcha committees have also to fight for the honour and respect of women. If violence like teasing or beating takes place against any woman, they have to stand against that and end the violence. The members were exhorted to bridge the gender gap after explaining them the concept of gender.

Information about the rights of women farmers was given. This campaign was being run all over Uttar Pradesh and talks about joint name of women in land records.