Refresher Training of Teachers

From April 27-30, 2017 a four days training was organised by Disha Social Organization for the teachers of non-formal education centre being run by Disha in 15 different villages. The training dealt with things like syllabus, method of teaching, experience sharing, gender, violence against women and women’s rights.

From the point of view of teachers and students several points like time table, administration of centres, and cleanliness of centre, home and society, usage of mobile while studying and availability of education material were discussed.

Jahnavi Tiwari, Tasneem, Shaheen Parveen and P Ram were the resource persons for the training. Tasneem divided the participants into 3 groups and informed them of their responsibilities during the training.

Jahnavi Tiwari shed light on gender discrimination, female feticide and violence against women. Continuing she informed of the various obstacles faced by girls, mainly Muslim girls, due to patriarchal society which hindered their progress in social, educational and professional fields.

Shaheen Parveen spoke on the health of adolescent girls. She discussed things like cleanliness of house, personal hygiene, hygiene during menstruation, misconceptions related to menstruation, benefits of iron tablets and nutritious ingredients in food.

P Ram shared information about various schemes for poor, marginalised and below poverty line people. People of these groups are usually not aware of their rights and hence lack in availing advantages of government schemes. Being organisational worker it is our responsibility to make rural people aware about such schemes, so that their lives could improve.

Tasneem asked the participants to discuss the problems faced in education centres and what efforts and changes were required to address them. She also discussed next year's action plan for the centres.

KN Tiwari, Director of Disha, addressed the participants and said that this training would be very useful for them and they should apply all that they have learned here in their education centres. The effort should be to make the centres interesting and better, so that presence of the adolescent girls could increase. Last year an Inter Centre Visit Programme and a Kishori Mela (adolescent girls fair) were organised. These activities had a very good effect on the education centres.

Apart from this, many interesting activities were put in the course which will strengthen the centres. Creating awareness along with studies is also a part of our work. Therefore, we have to make the adolescent girls and their parents aware about their health and social issues.