Training of SHG Leaders of Federation

A two day training of SHG leaders on federation was organised at Disha campus from June 16 to 17, 2017. Forty participants took part in it. The programme began with an organisational song and then all the participants gave their introduction.

Tasneem, programme coordinator, told that for strengthening SHGs it was important to organise regular meetings, documentation, loan repayment and awareness of other social issues. She shared information about rating and grading of SHGs and MIS. She discussed with the participants, the roles and responsibilities of office bearers like: president, secretary and cashier. Later a movie on federation was screened for participants and discussion was held on it. 

P Ram, programme coordinator, shared important information on how to form a federation. He informed how a federation could play an important role in economic empowerment. Each federation has 7 to 15 SHGs. A federation will be made by taking two members from each SHG. The members will then make an executive committee of five members. Federation will take three type fees from each SHG.  These will be, registration fee for one time, annual renewal fee and monthly savings.