Art Competition at BSM Inter College

An art competition was organised on the issue of violence against women and equality, for students in BSM Inter College, Patna on August 12, 2017.  Around 30 students of High School and Intermediate participated in this competition. Through this competition students depicted violence and inequality against women in their paintings. Shejal of class 11, Siddhant of class 11 and Devdatt of class 9 came first, second and third respectively. Principal Shyam Singh Saini spoke on issues faced by women in the society and on the increase of violence against women. Disha was playing an important role in eliminating violence against women and this kind of programme was very important for the youth. He said that discrimination against women begins from the family. We should give boys and girls equal opportunities for education and employment.

Tasneem, programme coordinator, said that women were the strongest pillars of our society without which the society could not be imagined. Without development of a woman, the development of society was not possible. She informed that the government had enacted Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, to protect women from domestic violence and spoke about it.  

Principal Saini and other teachers like Bijendra Kumar and Sundari Jain, etc., appreciated the work of Disha’s team and expressed their thoughts on the issue of violence against women.

On this occasion, the students who won the competitions were awarded first, second and third prizes, and all the participants were also given consolation prizes. P Ram, programme coordinator, concluded the programme by thanking all the students and teachers.