Workshop with SMC on VAW

A one-day workshop of School Management Committees (SMCs) on women equality, violence and education issues was organised at Disha Training Centre September 7, 2017. Thirty-eight people participated.

After sharing history of Disha, programme coordinator P Ram apprised the participants of salient features of Right to Education Act, 2009, and constitution and roles and responsibilities of SMCs. Another programme coordinator Tasneem shared information about gender. She said gender discrimination developed such atmosphere, which made women less competent, did not allow them to go out of house and did not permit them to participate in any socio-political decisions.

While sharing that girls faced lots of discrimination since they are born, she dwelt on salient features of Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Under the Act, various officers, like police officer, magistrate and service provider have been designated and their roles and responsibilities delineated and the way they have to act in case a victim approached them.