Inauguration of Shop-cum-Display Place

Inauguration of shop-cum-display place was jointly done by Jahnavi Tiwari, Naseema, Rubina and Mohammad Alam, Gram Pradhan, Rampur village, on October 16, 2017, at Jamanpur, Selakui. The shop is named as Udaan Boutique and located near Old Petrol Pump on SUK Davakhana Street.

The boutique will provide a platform to 50 women and girls from Bada Rampur and Jamanpur, who received training in tailoring from Disha Social Organization, Dehradun, with support from Oil and Natural Gas Commission, Dehradun. These women and girls will work from home and keep the stitched items in the boutique from where they will be delivered to the customers. The boutique will be central point for all the members of SHGs and their customers.

It is hoped that boutique will become sustainable in 12 months and run business independently. Janhavi Tiwari of Disha Social Organization became the first customer of the boutique by giving fabric to stitch a suit for her.