Media Workshop on Violence against Women and Gender

A one day workshop with media personalities was organised at Disha Training Centre on October 28, 2017. In this workshop 29 people including media personalities participated.

Disha Director KN Tiwari welcomed the media personalities from various media channels. He shared with them Disha's consistent efforts in addressing various women related issues: prevention of violence against women, gender equality, education for adolescent girls, livelihood generation activities, mother and child health care, equal entitlements and rights of women farmers etc.

Senior journalist Bharat Dogra from New Delhi said that media needed to play an important role in securing justice by highlighting the real issues of women.  He said that the issues of women were very sensitive, which needed to be covered seriously. Many laws have been made for women's rights and justice in the country, but how many women actually got their benefit. He questioned is violence against women getting reduced and remarked that today even little girls were not safe in their own homes.

Shahid Zubairi, senior journalist of Urdu Sahara newspaper, said that the situation of women in our country was becoming like that of women in Pakistan. Reena, New Delhi based journalist, said that in our society, the rituals have suffered, changing home environment to consumerist and ending moral values among children.

Programme coordinator Tanseem said that women were strongest pillar of our society without which the society could not be imagined. Shyam Kumar Saini, journalist, said that violence against women was increasing. Journalist Sudarshan said that Illiteracy was a major reason for violence against women. We needed to create awareness among women for education.