Training of Women Ward Members of Panchayats

Capacity building of women ward members of panchayats was held at Disha Training Centre on November 23, 2017. Forty women ward members participated in the programme.

The programme started with organisational song. Programme Coordinator Tasneem introduced the objectives of the training. She said that scenario of the society was changing and rural women were getting privilege to participate in panchayat elections. But because of dominance of males in the society and because of lack of awareness among women, the elected women did not get opportunity to fulfil their responsibilities as ward members and her male kin, particularly husbands, worked on their behalf.

In such a scenario, Disha was playing a critical role in organising such capacity building training for newly elected women ward members, so they could learn their roles and responsibilities as Ward Members. She shared the structure of local governance at village level.

Programme coordinator P Ram shared detailed information about reservation of seats in panchayats, eligibility for election, gram sabha meetings, etc. Senior worker of the organisation Arun Kumar shared the information about different government schemes like MNREGA, Prime Minister Gram Awas Yojana, construction of toilets, food security, gas subsidy, accidental policy, farmers’ insurance, etc.