Workshop on Violence against Women and Gender Equality

workshop violence against women chilkana police station

A day long workshop on violence against women and gender equality was conducted by Disha Social Organisation along with members of police department at Chilkana police station on July 18, 2019. Around 25 people participated in it.

The programme co-ordinator P Ram laid out the objectives of the workshop and said that the organisation in partnership with various government departments, has been conducting workshops on the issue of violence against women and gender equality, so that a wider understanding could be built on it. The organisation carries out advocacy, creates awareness amongst women about their rights and helps them get justice.

Shameem shed light on women cell and the procedures of women court. She informed that on 10th of every month women court is held and cases are registered through women cell and then fact finding is done by visiting the village and talking to both the parties. After it both the parties are counselled and efforts for reconciliation are made. In some cases help of police and courts are also sought.

Other speakers like Tasneem spoke about the efforts made by organisation for the rights of poor, exploited and deprived sections of the society. Jhanvi Tiwari shed light on discrimination based on gender and sex and spoke about domestic violence act. She stressed that sons and daughters should be treated as equal in the society. Rehana Adeeb spoke on the issue of girl child protection and informed about the help line numbers like 1090, 181 and 100 provided by the government for the protection of girls/women.

The SSI Mr JS Malik, police station Chilkana, praised the work done by Disha organisation and said that it is doing praiseworthy work for creating awareness about the social, economic and judicial rights of women. He stressed that for the all-round development of the society women must play a key role in all the fields. He informed that they give priority to cases that involve violence against women and that we should not only encourage daughters to move ahead in all the fields but also teach them self-defence skills.

Omendra Singh - SSI, Naresh Pal Singh - sub-inspector, Pratibha Panwar - constable, Suman Sharma - constable and other staff of the police station played key role in the workshop. Disha staff members like Suresho Saini, Ramrati, Rajjo, Baburam and Kurban etc. also participated in it.