Workshop with Police Officials

workshop-with-police-officialsA workshop with police officials was held at police station at Mirzapur village in Saharanpur district to sensitise them on cases of violence against women. SHO, inspectors and constables from the police station concerned participated.

The workshop started with the brief introduction of all the participants and that of Disha Social Organization.

The SHO Rajender Tyagi said that parents were duty bound to develop understanding of wrong or right among their children. Additionally, the following may be done to stop crime against women:

  • Keeping an eye on people in front of school or college at opening or closing time to ensure that nothing suspicious is taking place
  • Point out all the criminals of Section 376 IPC, and always keep their activity in sight
  • Family of the girl to take care of their girl
  • Social activist and the village people also point out these type of person whom they find doing any type of wrong activity and inform the nearest police station
  • Monthly meeting with the school girls in all the school of the area by the police sub inspector and inspector
  • In every village police have to point out criminal and communicate regularly with the gram pradhan for a regular sight on the criminal

Some other view we get by the participants

  • Western culture is also a reason of increasing rape cases
  • Information technology is also a reason of rape cases against girls (like mobile, television, internet)
  • Lack of education
  • Gender gap