Visiting Team Caught in Bad Weather

visiting-team-caught-in-bad-weatherWhile visiting Didsari village in Uttarkashi district on July 5, Disha team was caught in bad weather. Luckily the team came back safely.

The team was airlifted to Maneri from Uttarkashi city. From Maneri the team trekked to Didsari village. Even before the team could leave the village it started raining. But the team managed to come back to Maneri by evening.

As the night progressed rain intensified and it rained throughout night.

Because of bad weather the helicopter which was supposed to take Disha team back to Uttarkashi from Maneri could not come. Disha team then decided to trek down to Gangori – a distance of about 10 km. There was no option either.

On the way we could count about 15 road breaches, many as big as 300-450 metres. That means that our of 10 km road between the two places almost 6 km of road was washed away by floods.


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