Didsari Flood Victims To Be Provided Relief

didsari-flood-victims-to-be-provided-reliefAfter a visit to flood ravaged village Didsari in Uttarkashi district, Disha has decided to provide immediate relief to the flood affected people. The relief material will include essentials like wheat flour, rice, pulses, salt, dry milk, tea, spices, cooking oil, etc., packaged into 'family pack' and provided to about 100 families in the village.

It is expected that each pack will last for 25-30 days.

Reaching the relief material to the affected people is going to be very tough. The relief material will be sent to Gangori town in Uttarkashi district by truck. Porters will carry the material from Gangori to Maneri on their backs, as most of the road between Gangori and Maneri has been washed away by surging water of Bhagirathi.

The relief material will be provided to the affected people at Government Inter College, Maneri.

Gangori is 4 km from Uttarkashi city and Maneri is 10 km from Gangori. Didsari is further 4 km from Maneri. The entire route is in difficult hilly terrain.

Didsari village is a victim of natural calamities. In 1991 an earthquake devastated most of the village. About 40 families shifted downhill and the place of their settlement was called New Didsari. The remaining decided to remain at the original village, which is now called Old Didsari. At present both New and Old Didsari villages have almost 100 families. The Old Didsari village is further up in hills.

A suspension bridge used to connect Maneri and New Didsari village. With the bridge having been washed away by the recent floods the 1.5 km distance between the two places has increased to about 8 km as one has to negotiate hills without even walk way.

Residents of New Didsari village have taken shelter at Government Junior High School situated about 500 metres uphill from the village. Nearly 30 families have taken shelter at the school. Another 10 families have taken shelter at Government Colony at Maneri.

Disha team could not make it to Old Didsari village. But residents of this village will also be provided relief.

About 90 per cent homes in New Didsari village have either been washed away by surging waters or face threat of being wiped out if the rain does not stop. Few houses have lost about 30 per cent of foundation soil and they are hanging in air.


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