10 Days Training of Youth Volunteers of NYK

During August 10to 19, 2013, a 10 day camp for youth volunteers of Nehru Yuva Kendra was organised at Disha Training Centre. In the camp 32 participants from five districts participated. The volunteers were given inputs on programmes made and implemented for empowerment of women, such as:

  1. Awareness of women about Domestic Violence Act 2005, which ensures the protection of women from all kind of violence, such as domestic, physical, mental, economical, sexual and others.
  2. Economical sustainability of rural women can be established if women are associated in SHGs, which help group members in saving small amounts for their own livelihood generation activities.
  3. Awareness about Aaroh Campaign, which prepared and implemented to make aware farmer women about:
  • Their equal right to man farmer and so to entitle them with designation “Women Farmer”
  • Making women aware of their equal land and property rights
  • Joint name in bank accounts with their husbands

The major objective of these 10 days training was to make aware and sensitize the youth volunteers about various women related issues, so that the information could be disseminated to women of their working area through these trained volunteers.