Workshop on Communal Riots on Muzaffarnagar District

Muzaffarnagar, a district adjacent to Saharanpur district, was hit by communal riots of unprecedented scale in August-September, 2013, resulted in at least 62 deaths, injuries to at least 93 people and displacement of more than 50,000 people. The riot has been described as "the worst violence in Uttar Pradesh in recent history" and Army was deployed in the state for the first time in last 20 years.

To prevent spread of any such incident in Disha’s operational working area, which was tense at that time, a workshop was organised on September 13, 2013, in which several dignified and renowned personalities and senior social activists of all communities are invited.  Mr Jainath Sharma, Senior Social Activist, Mr IkramLala, Ms RehanaAdib, Director AstivaSamajik Sansthan, Ms ShaheenParveen, Director ParwezSamajik Sansthan, SO Chilkana Police Station, and about 10 renowned local residents of both the communities were invited.

Since field interventions of AstitvaSamajik Sansthan works in Muzzafarnagardistrict, its director shared the actual situation in the riot affected areas. She said women and youth can play a vital role in normalising the situation by coming on front foot. The SO Chilkana Police Station said that the police and administration are always active in controlling over the situation but equal cooperation of public is always expected. Media has played a vital role by publishing communal harmony messages, which have helped in controlling over the situation.