Visit to Relief Camps at Muzaffarnagar District

A six-member team from Disha visited riot-affected villages Jaula and Basikala in Muzaffarnagar district on November 11, 2013. The team members included Mr KNTiwari, Mr P Ram, Ms Tasneem and Ms Sureshosaini from Disha, Ms RehanaAdib from AstitvaSamajik Sansthan and Ms ShaheenParveen from ParvezSamajik Sansthan.

On visit to relief camp at village Jaula it was found that around 5,000 people from 800 families had taken shelter in camps for the last overtwo months. The families and people were refugees from villagesLisad, Hasanpur, Bawdi, Fugana, lakh, Kharad, Kheramastan, MohammadpurGaddana and Thana Bhaurakala. On visit to relief camp in village Basikala, 224 families were found living in relief camp, but have no proper availability of food, clothes and staying.

Apart of food, medical and shelter facilities around 80 girls of such victimised families got married through government financial aid of Rs. 21,000. A total of 35 children were born and two of them died.

The victims had almost similar things to tell: “We are homeless and property less. Nothing is left with us. We are scarred of attacks, if we go outside in search of livelihood. Uttar Pradesh Government declared to provide financial aid of Rs 5,00,000 to each family, though till date no support has been received”. Condition of women and children, noticed by team was very pitiable, and their health concerns were neglected.