Meeting on Formation of Producers Group

A meeting on formation of Producers Group of Farmers was organised at Disha Training Centre on December 13, 2013. Mr Amit Kumar from Margdarshak, a Lucknow organisation, was Resource Person. Mr KNTiwari started the programme by sharing objectives of the programme that farmers should constitute and transform into Producer Group. Since agricultural productivity of all associated farmer partners will be accumulated and sold under the name of Producer Group, the program is likely to be highly beneficial for farmers.

Mr Amit Singh shared that according to amended Companies Act, 1956, a Producer Group having 5-10 farmer members must be registered. The members will be equal shareholder of the group and so equal partner of profit earned by company. Mr Mahesh Gupta, Charted Accountant of Disha, shared that formation of producer group will be beneficial for Disha and associated farmers and through this way agricultural productivities of every farmer would be introduced in market under name of Producer Group.