Visit of Oxfam Hong Kong Team under Aroh Campaign

visit of oxfam hong kong team under aroh campaignA team from Oxfamm Hong Kong visited Disha and its operational area on May 8 and 9, 2015. The visit was aimed at knowing about Aroh Campaign (establish a link), hold discussion with members of Aroh Women Farmers’ Forum and listen to their stories of struggle.

The visit began with an interaction of the visitors with Disha Director and Aroh Team. The visitors were told that the campaign was being spearheaded by Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) with support from Oxfam India Trust. Initially, 50 districts of the State were covered, but now the programme covered all the 75 districts. This was followed by briefing of the visiting team by the State Coordinator of the Campaign.

Preliminaries over, the team moved to Patna village to hold detailed discussion with the members of Aroh Women Farmers Forum and Women Farmers.

The next day, the visiting team listened to the stories of struggle of women farmers Suresho and Kunta and interviewed them. Apart from this the visitors also photographed various activities that were performed by women farmers.


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