Students Workshop on Violence against Women and Gender Equality

students workshop on violence Workshops on violence against women and gender equality for students of classes 9 to 12 of SD Public School, Pather, were organsied on August 26 and 27, 2015. In all six workshops were held and 227 students participated.

Each workshop started with introduction of participants. This was followed by sharing of objectives of the workshop with the participating students. It was hoped that at the end of the workshop, the students would have developed understanding on women issues and developed an understanding on gender so violence against women could be checked.

At the outset the children were briefed about history of Disha. This was followed by an exercise to understand sex and gender and thinking of the society about women. The beginning has to be made from the family.

The next in line was giving information on violence against women. This includes physical and mental exploitation, physical and mental violence, and sexual, financial, social, political and emotional exploitation. The sources of violence – familial, community and government – were discussed. The vicious cycle of violence against women begins from pregnancy and goes on up to old age through infancy, childhood, youth and reproductive age, the participants were told.

Lastly, information was given about domestic violence law and its provisions. The students were exhorted to raise voice against violence and exploitation occurring in the family of neighbourhood and fight for her justice. The participating students found the workshop very good.


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