Workshop with Police on Violence against Women and Women Equality

workshop with police staff on genderOne day workshop of the police staff on violence against women and women equality was organised at Chilkana police station on April 27, 2016. The workshop began with participants’ introduction, which included name, designation, experience and responsibility. This was followed by information on objectives of the participants. Disha Director KN Tiwari apprised the participants with history, struggles and programmes of Disha.

The technical sessions began with a practice session on identification of discrimination between boys and girls. This led to development of understanding of gender. The participants were told there were different rules for men and women and this was wrong. They were asked when nature and law gave equal rights to men and women, why society circumvented rights of women. This could be changed.

After this the participants were shown a film based on forms of violence against women called Babul. Screening over, discussion was held with the participants where they could see violence. Discussion was held with the participatns if it was happening so in the society near us.

Other topics covered included:

  • Forms of violence against women – mental, physical and sexual
  • Domestic Violence Act, 2005, under which action can be taken against a family member indulging violence against women
  • Introduction of women farmers’ campaign

An open session was orgnaised to discuss the issue of violence against women and gender issues threadbare. The police staff and mediapersons brainstormed and many important points came forth. The police said that we should give priority to women in all fields. There was a need to give honour to women and a victim must get immediate help. Media persons also gave some good suggestions.

The inspector of Chilkana police station HU Khan concluded the programme and expressed gratitude of Disha workers and media persons present. He said that the topic of the workshop was very good. There was a need to work together on women issues.