Training of Workers on the Topic Producers Company

training on producer companyOne day training on the topic producers company was organised at the Training Centre on July 8, 2016, for Disha workers. The training began with the motivational song, introduction of participants and experience sharing.

The resource person began with the concept of cooperative societies. He conducted a group discussion among the participants, who shared information about cooperative societies operating in their areas. They said such societies were group of the people for specific purpose. In rural areas cooperative societies were institutions of farmers, run by farmers, meaning that all the members had agricultural lands. But the cooperative societies could not succeed in their objectives. Because of this producer companies were born.

A producer company may have 800 to 2,000 or even more members. It can carry out more than 20 kinds of works. A producer company may do more business than a cooperative society. An official, who is MBA, is appointed. One will have to get a licence from Agriculture Department. The business will go from village level to block level. One would have to associate many kinds of people and profit will increase with the increase in number of people.

For making a producer company, we would have to decide on the village and get formats filled so one may have better understanding of the status of works of the people. We would have to give priority to those works which can be easily done in our area of operation, meaning that local resources are available, whether it is milk production or agriculture or any other.

Five formats, one each on animal husbandry, milk, agriculture, fruits and vegetables, were prepared. These formats covered about 40 activities which could be taken up by the producers company.