Workshop at Sarsawan Police Station on Violence against Women and Women Equality

workshop at sarsawan police stationOne day workshop of the police staff on violence against women and women equality was organised at Sarsawan police station on July 12, 2016. The workshop began with participants’ introduction, which included name, designation, experience and responsibility. This was followed by information on objectives of the workshop.

The resource person apprised the participants on what constituted violence against women. She talked about its various forms and said family members often filed police case targeting women. She said if a women approached the police with some issue, her report should be lodged immediately and one should go to the root cause of the case. She said that arrangement of women cops has been made in the police station and we wished that their outlook be women oriented and they should understand problems and pains of women.

Other topics covered included:

  • Forms of violence against women – mental, physical and sexual
  • Domestic Violence Act, 2005, under which action can be taken against a family member indulging violence against women
  • Introduction of women farmers’ campaign

The in-charge of the Sarsawan police station Devendra Yadav said that we should give priority to women in all walks of life.  He said we needed to give respect to women. If violence is perpetrated on any woman, she should get help immediately. Apart from the police, the society should also help women.

Some good suggestions also came fro media. Journalists associated with the mainstream newspapers Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran said participation and achievements of women were coming to the fore now. The women who did not get a chance to go out from the home were playing their roles in a nice way. The society will have to change the outlook towards women, give equal rights to them and associate them with development.

The programme was concluded by Mr Yadav. He thanked Disha’s workers and journalists for their contribution. He said the issue of the workshop was very good and there was a need for all of us to work together.