Training of Disha Workers on Violence against Women and Women Equality

training of disha workersOne-day training of Disha workers on violence against women and women equality was held on July 2016. The tone of the training was set up by Disha Director KN Tiwari. He said even today women were not safe and many kinds of violence were being perpetrated on them. Discriminations against women prevailed. They have been sidelined from mainstream of development. This was wrong. He said we needed to develop even more understanding on this issue so we can make the society aware.

The participants were shown video clipping on violence against women and discriminations against women. This was followed by group discussion with the participants. The resource person said the society needed to be sensitive on the issue of violence against women. They will have to identify violence being perpetrated on them and fight it out. She underlined that family members of women could not indulge in violence against them and if they do so, legal action may be taken against them.

Violence against women occurred in the family and in the community. It was also indulged in by the government, government employees and officials, government institutions, government policies and law, etc. Violence against women started from the pregnancy and continued till old age through infancy, childhood, youth, reproductive age and old age.

Nuances of domestic violence were clarified once again. A victim can lodge a complaint against a family member with the protection officer, service provider, women organisation, nearby police station or magistrate. This is a civil law under which there is no imprisonment. But if the accused violates the order of the authority, the offence becomes cognisable and non-bailable, punishable with 1 year imprisonment, or fine up to Rs 20,000, or with both.