District Level Media Workshop on Violence against Women and Women Equality

district level media workshopA workshop on violence against women and women equality for media persons was held at the district level on September 6, 2016. The programme began with the lighting of ceremonial lamp by the chief guests. Disha Director KN Tiwari welcomed the media persons and informed them that the objective of holding the workshop to sensitise them on the issue so they could report on it with greater sensitivity and prevent violence against women.

Senior journalist Alka Arya from New Delhi enlisted the laws enacted after Nirbhaya episode for preventing violence against women. She gave examples of Assam, Jharkhand and Delhi on the issue. She shared information about Right to Move and said how girls could keep themselves safe at a place. She said that the women needed to be educated and made aware for preventing violence against discrimination on them.

A journalist Shahid Jubairi said that the condition of women in our country was becoming similar to those in Pakistan. Religious fundamentalism has a great role in preventing social and economic freedom of women. Our religious gurus or maulanas wish that women are confined to the four walls of homes. Their education is most important for preventing their exploitation and discrimination. He said that media needed to come forth with a positive outlook on the issue of women.

The senior journalist and author Bharat Dogra from New Delhi highlighted the issues of women and said that Disha organisation was working for the rights of women for the last 30 years. Media needed to highlight real issues of the women and get them justice. He said women issues were very sensitive and there was need to work on them very sincerely.

Women activists Jahnavi Tiwari, Rehana Adib, Shaeen and Nirmala put forth their views. The crux of their views was that media was such a power with whose help any victim got quick justice. Therefore, media has to play an important role in raising the issues of women along with the organisations.