Research and Communication

At the community level communication mainly takes place through street plays and puppet shows. The organisation has a full-fledged communication team, with its members hailing from adjoining rural areas. The communication team is proficient in preparing puppets and writing scripts for puppet shows and street plays in local dialect. So far plays and puppet shows on themes like indebtedness, dowry, wages, communalism, baan workers, diversification of agriculture, etc., have been prepared and staged.

Some of the plays and puppet shows developed in the recent years are:

  1. Kisan Nai Disha Ki Ore (Farmers towards New Direction)
  2. Apna Bank (Our Bank, a play on SHG)
  3. Andher Nagari (Foolish People)
  4. Meri Biwi Kaam Nahin Karti (My Wife Doesn’t Work)
  5. Qaumi Ekta (National Integration)
  6. Panchayati Raj (Local Self-Governance)
  7. Bin Baat Ki Takraar (Confrontation Sans Anything)

The folk media communication provides mobilisation support to all other activities. For its performance, the communication team has won high accolades. It has won several prizes for its performance at various places in India.

For communicating with the world beyond community, the organisation brings out brochures, annual reports and other documents from time to time. The web site of the organisation is a powerful medium of information dissemination to this category of target audience.