Training Centre

Disha has a well equipped Training Centre at its headquarters at Saharanpur. Situated in a corner of a lush green mango orchard, the Training Centre also houses programme office of the organisation.

The facilities available at the Training Centre include:

  • A training hall
  • Training participants’ residential block that includes three dormitories and can house about 50 participants
  • Resource persons’ residential block with three rooms
  • A mess
  • Residential block for Training Centre employees

Disha organises in-house training, meetings and workshops from the Training Centre. The facility is also used for imparting sponsored training and workshops. Disha is a training organisation for imparting training to workers of non-governmental organisations from Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh in self help group management.

The facilities are available for use by other non-governmental organisations on payments. For details of tariffs and reservation of the Training Centre to organise your events please write to the Training Centre Manager.