On 23 June 2024 a one-day refresher training was organised on the issue of health and hygiene of women and adolescent girls for the health volunteers and other women workers. Around 30 participants participated in this workshop. Dr Nutan Upadhyay, Gynaecologist, and Dr Ankur Upadhyay were the resource persons in the workshop.

The objective of the workshop was to impart knowledge regarding women health to the health volunteers and workers associated with the health and hygiene programmes being conducted in the region, so that better work can be done in the region on the health of women and adolescent girls.

KN Tiwari, the founder of the organisation addressed the participants on health and hygiene and motivated them to actively work on this issue. They were also informed about mental health that for the progress of families and society being of sound mental health was very important.

Dr Nutan Upadhyay informed the participants that most of the times deficiency of haemoglobin and calcium occurs in women because of which they are afflicted with numerous diseases. She advised women to include nutritious food in their diet and to consume calcium and iron pills during pregnancy. Dr Ankur Upadhyay informed the participants about blood pressure, diabetes and ways to prevent heart attack etc. He advised against consuming fast food and fried foods. The coordinator expressed her views and said that they are running health awareness programme for women and adolescent girls in 15 villages in which tests of haemoglobin and calcium deficiency etc. are done and supplements are provided.

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